Robert Mendenhall

A Selidorian knight-in-training. Robert is a kind and genuine young man, if a little rough around the edges. While he puts up a loud and boastful front, he is actually quite humble and full of self-doubt. Robert is a good friend, and a bad enemy.


A young man (19-20) from a small but peaceful farming village in Furyundy, on the borders of the hills of Theron. Inspired by tales and legends of noble knights, he has always dreamt of becoming one. To do so, he used the gear of a dead Theronite knight that he had looted in his youth to steal into Y’ben and get himself a jumpstart by claiming to be a Theronite himself. He is uncultured and gruff, and has an impulsive tendency, but honest and always strives to do the right thing regardless of the risks. He is weak to women, and lizard people food. Uses a spear, shield, and shortsword.



Robert’s first adventure was definitely not what he had imagined. When he first embarked on his journey to become a hero, his reference level were tales of knights in shining armor who slay dragons and rescue princesses. Instead, he found himself fighting an underground war on Y’bent’s side.

The party was sent to Cllwelath, the Lizardmen city, where they played the various intelligence forces against each other. They befriending Colonel Alexander Klein, who was the first to treat Robert as a Knight. Eventually, the adventure in Cllwelath culminated with the party assassinating the Theocritan Spymistress, Telitha. Robert refused to take part in that task because it was against his naive principles. After all, what knight would slay an unarmed woman?

That success, however, made the Colonel give the party information on the whereabouts of their real goal: The rescue of kidnapped Y’benti Airship mages. This lead the party to a secret Iuzian research base, deep in the mountains. Inside, the party discovers that the mages were already dead. The party then escapes inside an Iuzian experimental zeppelin with the help of the surviving crew of the captured Y’bent ship.

At Y’bent, Robert was given a separate assignment. He joined Content Not Found: kassandra-valglow, Glorybane, and Sareth to Liberate the island of Restaten (Check Adventure Log).

Robert feels dwarved by everything around him. He is faraway from home, and over the span of just a year, his simple mind hadn’t had enough time to process everything. However, he is always striving to uphold his ideal of chivalry.

He is on good relations with most of his acquaintances. There is some friction between him and Kassandra, especially when she exhibits any tendencies towards morally questionable decisions, or forcing a reality upon others. He often wonders what his tutor, Christopher Kerr, sees in her.

Robert Mendenhall

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