Ragnar Olafson

Leader of the Flying Things, Except the Annoying One


A big burly viking with a stout belly and full bushy beard. Rarely seen without a drink in his hand. Has a deep scar on his face shared with the dragon Baron Killmore and his birdmen reavers. Was augmented by Brainburner technology to have wings.


Ragnar Olafson spent most of his youth learning to sail and raid from his father. Once he came of age he took a crew of his own to raid along the Theocratan coast. During a storm, his ship and the rest of his crew were lost. Ragnar was picked up by a Felix Rex crew some days later. Deposited on Griffin Peak, he got caught up in a bar fight involving some Theocratans and the party (Erwin, Shen, Gregor, Hamza, and Rue). The charges were dropped, in exchange for their agreement to leave the island. They took a zepplin to Y’Bent. While in the city, Hamza tried to use Ragnar as a bodyguard, but did not stop him drinking himself into unconsciousness. He was no help against the rival Theocratan that killed Hamza, stripped his body and left his corpse in the park.

Ragnar’s role in the party was to fight, drink, eat, and make merry. The precise reasons for why they fought, who they fought, are where they were going were irrelevant to him. That was until they had travelled to Llwellaff, where he received a vision of a fellow reaver. Ragnar was told of a Valkyrie that had come to Oerth, but was imprisoned and unable to return to Valhalla. Ragnar believed in the Northern Gods, not being devout so much as taking as fact whatever the priests told him. But the opportunity of taking on a foe so powerful as being able to imprison a messenger from the gods was instantly appealing.

The party escaped Llwellaff through underground passages and caves, and then through the jungles. On the way Furoundy, they came across a small temple. An intricate locking mechanism blocked an underground passage. Ragnar pressed the various buttons at random. Not only did that fail to open the door, but it also triggered a trap. The temple was dedicated to Neural, and the trap made the party vulnerable to his influence. Shen later discovered the correct way to open the door, which led to a floating crystal skull. The skull (believed to be Neural) convinced Gregor to join his wife in his demon sword to calm her madness. Ragnar wished his “brother” well and a speedy return.

En route to Furoundy, the party encountered slavers, who may have also been trading the trapped Valkyrie. The trail lead the party to join the crew of a Starjammer into space, onto the asteroid called the Rock of Braal. Investigating the slavers, Ragnar found some allies at a local temple. The worshippers of P’ta explained how their god was the same as the Northern Gods, and they wished to give whatever aid they could to his quest. (They also seemed to have some tenets in common with the followers of Foltus). They encouraged him to give up drinking and whoring for devotion to P’ta. Ragnar was naturally dubious, and challenged one of their fighters to prove the validity of their position, in a fist fight. After loosing, Ragnar conceded to their superiority and gave up all drinking and women. And he firmly believed at the time that he would maintain this abstinence (but was soon drinking again).

The party tracked the slavers to a Neogi asteroid, and were able to get enough information to have the local naval forces deal with them. There were rumours that the Neogi had traded the Valkyrie to the Prince who ruled Braal. Before pursuing that lead, Ragnar lead to party to the Viking games held every 50 years on a nearby asteroid. The party did well in the various categories, piloting a makeshift spelljammer in a race, Alan in the endurance, Erwin in the debate, Rue and Jay in the flying. Ragnar fought a birdwoman in the semi-final of the hand-to-hand combat, and defeated her. She told him how her husband and son had been killed by the man who was going to be in the final, and she had hoped on getting revenge. Ragnar vowed to get revenge in her place. The man was a thief and used camouflage to attack from behind. Fortunately, Ragnar was using a ring to prevent incapacitation from such attacks and was able to kill him (final was to the death). Thanks to their performance in the games, Ragnar and his crew were granted an audience with the King of the Reavers. When Ragnar explained his quest to free the Valkyrie, the King granted him a crew of six birdmen plus ship to help him.

Back on Braal, Ragnar was getting visions of a strange doctor and some equipment that could be used to contain a Valkyrie. The party learned of someone who knew the caves inside the rock well and may be able to help them search for the Valkyrie. He had led a party to a secret area several years before, but that party was never heard from again. Before helping the party, he made Ragnar take an oath on a Therin oathstone that Ragnar would do all in his power to free the Valkyrie. True to his word, they were lead to an abandoned compound in the centre of Braal. And while there was evidence of some sort of medical facility, there was no sign of the Valkyrie. The party had to fight constructs that seemed quite deranged, as well as facing hideous visions. The whole adventure had been a trick by Neural, made possible by Ragnar’s earlier fumbling with the trapped door. Ragnar swore bloody revenge against the god of madness.

Before the party could investigate the possible link of the slavers to the Prince, Sewermouth’s forces overran the Rock. A zepplin was spotted heading back to Oerth. After a brief encounter with Sewermouth himself, where Jay killed one of his Bone Demons, the reavers crashed in on their ship and took everyone (including the returned Gregor) back to Oerth. While the newly discovered demonic side of Jay caused him to be viewed with some suspicion by the rest of the party, Ragnar and the reavers were unfazed. His killing of a powerful demon and holding off a horde of lesser demons while the party escaped impressed them all and they adopted him as one of their own.

From Furyondy, Shen and Gregor decided to visit Gregor’s home and then the ruins of Selidor. The former to discover Gregor’s true past, the latter to try to find or create a force to oppose Sewermouth. On the way to Greyhawk, the party came across a statue of the Lady of Selidor. She granted gifts to some of the party, including a shield to Ragnar. The shield contained the personality of a Selidorian Knight who died in the Brainburner invasion. The Lady and the Shield encouraged Ragnar to fight for the forces that were seeking to restore Selidor, as well as embody the virtues it stood for. Ragnar accepted the gift, and fought for the “good guys”, but more out of loyalty to his crew than any larger ideals.

While passing through the capital of Furyondy, Ragnar befriended the river-people, the Renny. His down-to-Oerth outlook, his drinking and gallivanting in contrast to the typical pious Furyondy, and his rescuing of some of their kidnapped children, all led to them taking him in as one of their own (with tattoos to prove it). The Renny later assisted the party in transporting them part of the way to Gregor’s home, avoiding attention from the zeppelins overhead.

During their exploration of the ruins of Selidor, the party were thrown far into the past. They got to know two knights (greatly augmented but mortal) who turned out to be Iuz and Neural. Ragnar remembered his sworn bloody revenge, but at that time Neural was a drinking buddy, so he let it slide. Plus they were all dealing with the apparent death of another Erwin. Ragnar also gave a substantial donation to Iuz’s work on diseases (before realising it was Iuz). The reavers also made friends with some of the local birdmen.

On returning to the present, Ragnar’s shield disappeared, and Sir Lanval (the knight who was in the shield) joined the party in his new corporeal form. The first night back, a white dragon approached the party. This was a dragon they had met before, one that was aggressive, belligerent, easily distracted, and not very bright. On this second meeting, the dragon (Baron Killmore) and Ragnar formed a bond. Ragnar and the reavers all got matching face scars from the Baron as a mark to identify their “pack”. As the Baron learned more of the reaver’s gods and the afterlife in Valhalla for the honoured dead, he eventually converted.

When Jay and Rue left the party, Ragnar took a blood oath saying that he would do all in his power to ensure that the two would be happily and safely reunited. The reaver priest noticed some omens and warned that the oath could be the death of Ragnar.

On approaching the city of Iuz, the party learned that Sewermouth’s forces had a bombard that was being powered by the Valkyrie. Ragnar was to lead a force through the barrel of the bombard’s main weapon (in the 16 minutes between firings) to free the Valkyrie and disable the bombard. As well as his reavers and Baron Killmore, he was joined by the Brannigan and Cutter children, and the birdmen from Old Selidor (they had been ordered by Lady Selidor to setup a colony on Gryffin Peak to prepare for this attack, as well as to look after the child Rue). The attack was a success, the Valkyrie was freed and the rest of the invasion of Iuz was able to proceed. After the many days of celebration, the Valkyrie informed Ragnar that she was pregnant with his twins, a boy and a girl. Baron Killmore told the reavers that he intends to spread the faith of the Northern Gods to the other White Dragons. Ragnar took an oath on his scar that he would help him.

Ragnar Olafson

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