Kassandra Velglow

An enchanting mage known for her statuesque beauty and kind heart. Kassandra is very intelligent and socially graceful but that doesn't stop her sharp side from raising a few eyebrows.


Kassandra is a 21 year old mage from the theocracy, with Selidorian roots. She is tall, slim body with curves in the right places with very long, silky smooth, platinum blonde hair and enchanting pale blue eyes. Although from a Theocritan background, her family was strange and looked down on due to their kind and nonracial values that opposed the values of the Theocracy, they were opposing the war profusely, which did not end well for them. Fearing for their only daughter’s life, Kassandra’s parents sent Kassandra to grey hawk with a enough gold to start a new life away from the Theocracy. Kassandra left the theocracy, only to receive word of her parent’s death and no news regarding the rest of her family, which deeply saddened her. She vowed to use everything her family taught her to shape herself into a lady that would live up to the Velglow family name and decided to study magic at Grey Hawk University. Kassandra is intelligent and very sharp, kind, socially graceful and is fascinated with butterflies.

  • Not too long after Kassandra graduated from Grey Hawk University She leaves for Y’ben and registers with the city guard in the hopes of landing a job as a mercenary. It did not take long for her to be contacted for a job. Sareth and Glorybane escort her back to Scalpel where her naive fascination with his butterfly collection wins her a lovely trinket from him, which is unheard of. Later, she was introduced to Robert and the party were sent to find Tudor Morgan.
  • The party is then sent to Liberate the island of Restaten. At the beginning, Kassandra was in her own little shell and felt awkward and scared, but she started to toughen up and learn how to use her skills in a more efficient manner.
  • Kassandra is flexible and open minded, and when she did express her opinions, she would end up in some form of argument with Robert. The two are from complete different backgrounds, and the differences seem to show a lot. She values all her companions, but she feels that Robert isn’t trying hard enough to live up to what it means to be a Selidorian knight.
  • Kassandra was always fascinated by Selidor, her fascination rose to new heights when the party magically traveled back in time to find themselves in Selidor. That is where she met the love of her life … Lord Chris Kerr, a handsome young man who was perfect for her in so many ways. Chris was accompanied by a man who was from the Velglow family, this shocked her. Upon further Investigation, it was revealed to her that she had Selidorian roots. This explained why her family values were so different from the theocracy. She was happy, and relieved to know that she had roots that she could be proud of.
  • Kassandra was completely overwhelmed with the feelings that she had for Chris. She didn’t know if it was real, she didn’t know if she would see him ever again and she thought it impossible that someone could develop such strong feelings for someone else in such a short time. Her feelings only grew stronger the more time travels she was in and eventually … He proposes to her and no amount of rationality would stop her from saying yes. When his sword was returned to him and he return in the flesh, Kassandra knew that this was meant to be. She was so inspired that she decided to devote her heart to Chris and her mind to Selidor.

Kassandra Velglow

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