Amber Blade

A fiery redheaded adventuress who lives in Griffinpeak. She is a confident and raunchy woman.


Amber Blade used to live in the Hold of the Sea Princes before moving to Griffinpeak. She is an aggressive, confident woman who knows what she wants.

She was Lord Robert’s lover, and had been living in his house.

They were a featured couple on the Griffinpeak Times.

She was on very friendly terms with Blue Sear, probably much to Robert’s dismay.

Amber was kidnapped by the Triumvate after coming back from Yben’t with Robert. Robert spared no effort to save her, but things were never the same once he did. Not too long after, she decided to leave for the mainland.

Months later, Robert receives news of her death. She had enlisted in the Dark Legion and sent to join the Greyhawk resistance, and was killed in action.

She actually deserted and is now hiding with Robert.


Amber Blade

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