Welcome to the Greyhawk At War Campaign.

This campaign takes place in a D&D 2nd Ed Houserules setting that I have been running since 1988. The current campaign taps into that rich player created history. In fact many of the ruling NPCs are ex PCs. By playing YOU shape the world.

The campaign is set in a D&D fantasy world with strong steampunk overtones. Instead of steam we have magic and astral power.

The campaign concentrates on The Coast of The Free cities, and is largely set in Y’Bent. The world is dominated by the now mythical (once played in) city of Selidor. This grand city was destroyed about 1500 years ago. The free cities sprung from its survivors.

They are now at war with the evil God and country of Iuz, who have allied with the Theocrats. The Iuzian and Theocritan armies have occupied the Shield lands and threaten Y’Bent and the Iron City. Iuzian Zeppelins launch frequent bombing raids on the cities and the ports are blockaded.

Y’Bent struggles for survival and seeks small victories where it can.

Join, play and create history!