Thieves City Of Y’Bent

Grew from the thieves guild who fled the failing Selidor. The city is still dominated by the thieves guild; although, it remains one of the safest places to live in Oerth. This is because all unlicensed thieves are killed and licensed thieves can only practice within the city. Pronounced Y-Ben.

Social structure

The city has an egalitarian social structure, and although ruled by a unelected committee (Cal J Cutter, Paladin Brannigan and Scalpel) and headed by a thief family (Katie Cutter), the citizens suffer almost no state interference. Indeed, even with the recent war no universal tax has been raised, nor has the draft been brought in. Instead the ruling families are footing the bill.
This libertarian state; however, can be a terrible place if you are poor, and Paladin Brannigan works hard to steer the poorer areas through troubled times.
The rumbles

The rumbles 2


The city is dominated by three sea bays: Fishport, Castleport, Tradeport and the newly used: Caveport. The names denote the traditional uses; however, with the war these are changing, as can be seen by Felix Rex’s use of Tradeport.
Architecturally, the middle to upper class areas resemble a Georgian Town.
Y ent middle class street
With working class areas more Edwardian.
Y bent working class
Street lighting is a lesser version of that found in Selidor.
Another two key features are the thieves highway and the underpass. The underpass is a series of well lit and maintained tunnels which criss cross the city. Once only allowed for thieves the underpass is now used by all to shelter from air-raids. The highway is a properly built network of routes across the city roofs. It is graded (like ski slopes) to allow training of thieves.

Social life

Before the war Y’bent was a party city with each week a new street taking on the role of running a week long party. This has continued, albeit in a much more subdued way. The city has been heavily influenced by the tea drinking culture of the lizard people.

The war

Y’bent has been the most heavily bombed city of the war. Iuzian Zeppelins have been flying almost daily raids over the city. The city has developed large ground to air defences and shelters.
It has an air and sea fleet through many private companies — the biggest being Felix-Rex. It has almost no land army whatsoever. The Iuzians are held in heck to the North by the Hills of Therin and by the terrain and Cllewellaff to the south.


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