The Polka Mor

The Polka Mor is a well known ship along the seas and the coastal towns around Ybent. It belongs to Malik Falathrimir, notable smuggler and pirate.

The truth is that The Polka Mor is not 1 single ship, in fact there have been many incarnations of it.

The original Polka Mor was won by Malik in the back room of The Trident Inn in Ybent. A friendly game of whist started in the bar area and gradually the stakes increased to the point where they were moved to the back room to avoid the law. By the end of the night there were 2 players left in, the game had switched to poker and a solicitor had been brought in to keep a ledger of the bets.

The last hand started and the punters crammed into the small back room starting betting amongst themselves as the cards were dealt and turned.
Malik was in the pot for 75000 gold and the deeds to a town house in Greyhawk. His opponent was a notorious smuggler by the name of Captain Hancock. Malik was able to talk him into putting up his ship, The Black Rose. The ship itself was known to be one of the fastest ships on the water. A custom built ship made to Hancock’s own designs purely for smuggling and running.

Malik had spent the day playing like a pro, but deliberately giving away some tells at key points. The last card turned and almost on cue a single bead of sweat raced down Maliks face and he blinked rapidly. “All in” said Malik and he tentatively pushed the remainder of his gold stack into the centre of the table. “25000 Gold if you want to continue” said the solicitor. Hancock glanced down at his hand and then back across the table at Malik. Malik was standing now and shifting from 1 foot to the other. “I Call!” shouted Hancock and with a flourish he stood and threw his cards down onto the table exposing the 4 Queens and a Jack of Spades. He grinned from ear to ear as Malik looked sullenly down at his cards. Slowly he flipped them 1 by 1. King of Spades, king of Hearts, King of Diamonds, There was an intake of breath by everyone in the room. He flipped the 4th card. King of Clubs! Everyone in the room roared, tables toppled and winners hugged. Malik and Johann swept the gold from the table into an old rum barrel, the solicitor signed the title to the Black Rose into his name and they left for the docks as fast as possible. No body saw Maliks 5th card, The Queen of Diamonds, as it hit the floor.

The Black Rose was a notorious ship along with Felix Rex, so the first thing Malik had to do was rename it. It was then that The Polka Mor was born and Malik sailed this ship on many jobs. Hancock pulled in all of his favours, and managed to buy another ship to the same specifications as his original. He tracked Malik down with the intention of sinking him, but Malik convinced him that it would be more beneficial for them to work together. The sister ships worked in conjunction meaning that they could transport larger cargos, and strike at bigger vessels, but because they were small and nimble could easily run if trouble appeared. Both Malik and Hancock became very rich on this venture, but it ended when The Polka Mor was stranded in a port during a freak low tide, and was captured by Felix Rex. All of the money Malik had accrued then went into his next ship and then his next. The 1 thing he insisted is that each ship be given a black wash and named The Polka Mor.

Very few people know exactly how many incarnations of the Polka Mor there have been but many know of it’s reputation on the seas.

The Polka Mor

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