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  • Silent Sam

    He is the brains of the operation, thought you'll never hear it. He is the former thieves guild leader (secret only Gilan and Tom know) He met Gillan in the past and was intrigued with Gryffon Peak and decided to make it his retirement home and fulfill …

  • Tawny "The Slip" Tannerscrape

    A ravishing woman (No really!). She is an assistant to the pair. They employ her because she is as cunning as she is beautiful. She loves getting men to buy her drinks and other things just to get her to pay attention. Once she gets them around her finger …

  • Dillon Keystrum

    He is the musician in the group. His ear for music is only equal to his ear for gossip and targets. He reads people like a book. He's socially awkward, so he's not the Doberman, but he is the bloodhound.

  • Strom Silverstorm

    An unassuming man, but terrifying. He is a gentleman; however, when the clients or targets get the idea they can touch Tom and Sam or the others, he'll show then how wrong they are. He also is hammer when targets need to be nailed to the wall. He is …

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