Axe - The Cleaver of Oathbreakers

weapon (melee)

The axe is a +2 weapon and bestows a +2 stat boost to any Therinite Oath related stat once per week


This is a relic Axe excavated from deep within the Flint Hills. It once belonged to a Therinite Warrior named Grodrik Ironfist and has his battle saga inscribed in runes along its haft and onto the blade.

Grodrik Ironfist has the axe forged for him by a master blacksmith at one of Grand Forges of Therin, approximately 3000 years ago. He carried the axe with him in many battles and it was entwined into his own legend.

When Grodrik fell in battle, overpowered by the forces of the Goblin King his weapons and armour were stipped from his body by the Goblins and disappeared forever.

Pieces of Grodriks battlegear have been found over the centuries. Before the fall of Selidor, the pieces were traditionally taken back to the forge where they were created.

Unbaraki-Zank, was discovered by engineers excavating the remnants of a Grand forge in the Flint Hills and was brought back to Goldenhelm.


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