Robert Mendenhall (Retired)

A Selidorian knight. Has the form of Iuz.


A Selidorian Knight. Robert is a kind and genuine young man, if a little rough around the edges. While he puts up a loud and boastful front, he is actually quite humble and full of self-doubt. Robert is a good friend, and a bad enemy.

He is married to Amber Blade. He also has a daughter with Selene The Succubus, who goes by the name of Allison Mendenhal.

Robert is bonded with Blue Sear, a young blue dragon. Their relationship is very good, even if to outsiders they appear to bicker a lot (He bickers with everyone).

Robert has scars all over his body from the damage it received over many battles. His right arm was severed by Iuz and then regenerated, and still looks like a different arm was stitched onto his body with a different tone. His right eye was lost in the demon realms and also regenerated, but in a different color. He was cursed with a pair of demonic horns by the Demon Carnival. His menacing appearance only made it easier for the Truth to sell lies about his brutality.

Cursed by Iuz, Robert now looks like one of his avatars. 7 ft tall, hoofed & horned, filed teeth, red eyes with no pupils, blackened skin, and a chitinous hard chest.

Despite this, due to his accomplishments (inflated by word of mouth and bards) as well as the seal of approval of the Daughters of Selidor, he is now a Legend, an immortal!



A young man (19-20) from a small but peaceful farming village in Furyundy, on the borders of the hills of Theron. Inspired by tales and legends of noble knights, he has always dreamt of becoming one. To do so, he used the gear of a dead Theronite knight that he had looted in his youth to steal into Y’ben and get himself a jumpstart by claiming to be a Therinite himself. He is uncultured and gruff, and has an impulsive tendency, but honest and always strives to do the right thing regardless of the risks. He is weak to women, and lizard people food. Uses a spear, shield, and shortsword.

Robert’s first adventure was definitely not what he had imagined. When he first embarked on his journey to become a hero, his reference level were tales of knights in shining armor who slay dragons and rescue princesses. Instead, he found himself fighting an underground war on Y’bent’s side.

The party was sent to Cllwelath, the Lizardmen city, where they played the various intelligence forces against each other. They befriending Colonel Alexander Klein, who was the first to treat Robert as a Knight. Eventually, the adventure in Cllwelath culminated with the party assassinating the Theocritan Spymistress, Telitha. Robert refused to take part in that task because it was against his naive principles. After all, what knight would slay an unarmed woman?

That success, however, made the Colonel give the party information on the whereabouts of their real goal: The rescue of kidnapped Y’benti Airship mages. This lead the party to a secret Iuzian research base, deep in the mountains. Inside, the party discovers that the mages were already dead. The party then escapes inside an Iuzian experimental zeppelin with the help of the surviving crew of the captured Y’bent ship.

At Y’bent, Robert was given a separate assignment. He joined Content Not Found: kassandra-valglow, Glorybane, and Sareth to Liberate the island of Restaten (Check Adventure Log).

Robert feels dwarved by everything around him. He is faraway from home, and over the span of just a year, his simple mind hadn’t had enough time to process everything. However, he is always striving to uphold his ideal of chivalry.

He is on good relations with most of his acquaintances. There is some friction between him and Kassandra, especially when she exhibits any tendencies towards morally questionable decisions, or forcing a reality upon others. He often wonders what his tutor, Christopher Kerr, sees in her. (His opinion on this has changed since writing this)

The founding of Griffin Peak was a snap decision made by Robert Mendenhal and his party after travelling back in time to the peak of Selidor. They saw in this land the potential to capture an echo of that ancient time. It was a trying time, taking the young man, now squired to Lord Chris Kerr, through many trials and gaining many allies, friends, and even more enemies.

His adventures took him into the Faery Realms, in fights against ancient golems, Theocran dragons, and clashing with Iuz more times than any mortal should. Robert reestablished the S elidorian Knights Order during the absence of Lord Christopher Kerr. The new order’s first chapter is on Griffin Peak. He also built the Griffin Keep, the headquarters of the order.

Throughout all this, Robert struggled, and hopefully will be remembered as ultimately succeeded, at staying true to his values of individual freedom, goodness of heart, and courage.

At the crux of his chapter on Griffin Peak, Robert and his knights participated in the defense of the airspace around Diyun, which saw them ultimately defeat the dragon-corps, led by Colonel Dragon, albeit at the cost of half the order.

As the battle concluded, Robert was called by Chris Kerr, beckoning him and his knights to join the final confrontation at the Selidorian Lighthouse near the island, which housed the two daughters of Selidor. There, Robert fought side by side to defeat the hordes of Neural’s Lost.

Battered but not quite defeated, the two stand over the corpses of the Lost and two ancient dragons. Neural walks in, followed by his brother, Iuz. Both knights charge at Iuz, and in the ensuing short battle, Chris Kerr is fatally wounded, and Robert is paralyzed by a Death Spell (He survived by sheer force of will). While helpless, Iuz killed Neural with the Godslayer, and then made an offer to Robert: Should he bend the knee to him, he swears a blood oath that neither he nor any of his minions would harm the Daughters of Selidor.

The concept of Selidor well and truly meant everything to Robert. To him it was an easy answer. He accepted, kneeling down before the Big Man. Iuz, pleased with himself, cursed Robert with forced servitude and changed his physical form to reflect his new allegiance. He then revealed that Robert himself wasn’t covered by the deal, and set him to murder the child goddesses.

Fortunately, Vengeance arrived just in time, toppling off the top of the light house and smashing Iuz into the ground. The Daughters used this opportunity to dispel the mind control from Robert.

In the twilight of the adventure, Robert sets off towards the east to meet with Selidorian Rangers in hopes of finding a remedy to his new condition. With him are Tudor Morgan, Blue Sear, and the remaining ten Selidorian Knights. Who knows what future is held for Robert? One thing is for sure, one long adventure ended for him, another begins.

Robert Mendenhall (Retired)

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