Mathew Prince (Head of the Scouts on Gryffin Peak)

A wiry halfling, but with more than a little muscle on his bones.


Mathew sports a number of tattoos, souvenirs from his time at sea. But apart from these, little about him stands out. It does not take much for him to be lost in a crowd.


Mathew served for many years among the crew of a high-risk trader. His experience lets him find is footing on even the most uneven of surfaces and can scale most surfaces as easy as any ladder. His honesty and loyalty lead his captain to trust him with the protection of many of their valuable cargo (he developed quite the hobbyist interest in locks as a result). He has a weakness for gambling, despite not having much success. He is widely known to have had lost large amounts at the table.

Money is a pressing concern for him at the moment, having become indebted to a most powerful, and merciless lender. The cause in this case seems not to have been in the cards, but rather a woman who is most important to the halfling. Mathew does not easily speak of the matter, and will reluctantly admit this much.

Mathew Prince (Head of the Scouts on Gryffin Peak)

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