Jude Silverstreak

A Paladin of St. Cuthbert



Jude is 6’-1", 185 lbs and fair skinned. He combs his buckwheat colored hair backwards in a lion mane fashion exposing an ever so slight widows peak. Crested brows guard his wide-set and endless hazel colored eyes, giving the impression that they are willing to burden the innocence of the entire world. Set below them is a small but non distinct nose, the only reminder of a humble beginning. Jude is distinctly recognizable by his prominently high cheek bones and sharp square jaw line that could carve obsidian. He rarely smiles, his lips are thin and unwavering much like his tolerance for evil.

Jude is typically adorned in a collared walnut tunic and black hide breeches covered by steel chain-mail. Draped over his chain-mail he wears a forest green cape emblazoned with the bronze cudgel of St Cuthbert which is encircled by ten finely threaded golden stars. He does most of his fighting with a two handed sword but will use a short sword at times. When duty calls for prayer, mass healing of the sick or the injured Jude will replace his armor with the green robes of the Stars of St. Cuthbert.


Jude was born in the sleepy fishing village of Smallport two day north of Y’Bent. He spent most of his youth fishing and exploring the rollings hills that surrounded Smallport with his dear childhood friend Danae Salinus. Jude was in his early teens when the fishermen of Smallport discovered deposits of valuable ores in series of large very deep coastal caves accessible only by sea.

As a young man Jude worked with his father’s mercantile business that focused primarily on importing construction tools and materials. This business did well after the discovery of valuable ores in Smallport. Jude’s father sent him to Greyhawk University to study general business like his older brothers to help grow the family business. However, he had little interest for business. During his studies he became very intrigued by the work of the priesthood of St. Cuthbert. He also took up converted his sporting abilities to combat skills, knowing that if he ever planned to travel he would have to learn to defend himself.

At Greyhawk University Jude was surrounded by members of the St. Cuthbert Stars and realized the importance of assimilating with them. However, his strong drive was neither the God St. Cuthbert nor the Stars. He was most taken by the priesthood’s ability to heal those in need. Jude’s ethos centered around doing good first and then fighting evil, followed by the necessary layers to achieve those principles. Thus Jude chose to become a Paladin of St. Cuthbert.

After Greyhawk, Jude returned to Smallport as St Cuthbert’s representative. His tasks were administrative and soon he got bored of the routine. One early morning, he received a note from a man he had met on the path from Y’Bent to Smallport. As he read the letter he was immidiately transported to the fairy islands were he met Robert, Kassandra, Mathew and Gillan.

Jude Silverstreak

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