Lt. Hildegard Von Drachenberg

Tall, lithe, with a blue eye and a long golden French braid. Although she is approachable, her eyepatch and scythe-shaped scar coupled with her Iuzian heritage makes her a solemn figure.


Hildegard was born to a minor Iuzian noble family with a long history in the military navy. They were once a major house, but their influence was reduced because their ideals of military honor conflicted with the return of Iuz and the resurgence of his priests into senior positions in most Iuzian spheres of life. Centuries later, House Drachenburg has become but a shell of it’s former self.

Hildegard, like her siblings, was groomed from an early age to join the Navy as an officer. She was sent to Greyhawk university, where she was tutored in the Fighters’ School while taking courses in the university. However, her university years were cut short when Iuz declared war against Y’bent. She stole away from Greyhawk, and joined the Iuzian Navy as a commissioned officer.

She partook in many sorties, but was discontent with the objectives and conduct of her superiors. They were mostly ordered to attack civilian villages or cities. Eventually, she was assigned to the same zeppelin that Commissar Albrecht was in.

On one of their sorties, their zeppelin was intercepted by a Felix-Rex airship. The battle was fierce. Hildegard lost her eye in that fight. The Iuzians were victorious at the end of the day, taking the enemy crew as prisoners.

The ship’s priest ordered the captain to execute the prisoners. Later, Albrecht, Hildegard, and other officers convened and decided that they will not be part of this anymore, and carried out a successful mutiny. They took the zeppelin to Y’bent, where they surrendered themselves.

Hildegard (with Albrecht) were eventually freed from prison when they were recruited by Eloc, a Priest of Theron, to be officers aboard a Zeppelin that his adventuring party had hijacked from Iuz.

Hildegard became the Gun Deck and Boarding officer aboard the Zeppelin, aptly named the AS Redemption. While she did meet some resistance from the crew, particularly the non-iuzian defectors, her fairness and integrity as an officer, in addition to her aptitude and bravery, and knowing how to party, eventually earned her crew’s respect.

Hildegard was ordered to disrupt an Iuzian archaeologist/excavation operation in the Low Hills. She took Ballista Boy and Darkbane and eight others with her. During the mission, she was accosted and left for dead by a deranged dwarven king. Darkbane attempted to facilitate her escape. To do so, she authorized his request to eat dwarven brains. “Knock yourself out.” She had replied, and so he did.

After escaping, Hildegard rallied her men and continued the mission. Eventually, they confront the Iuzian priest leading this operation and take him down, but not before he laid a cursed scar on her face, labeling her as a traitor.

After safely returning to Y’bent, Hildegard recommends Ballista Boy for promotion to officer, which the Captain Eloc Lortbane accepts. While waiting for the ship to be refitted for operations on Gryffinpeak, the crew decide to send an away team to infiltrate the enemy siege of the University of Greyhawk for the purpose of retrieving sets of Selidorian Code that can be used to activate the ship’s sentience.

The mission was a success and the Redemption became sentient. The Redemption took a liking to most of the officers and the captain, but (being a female herself) especially the female officers. Hildegard is quite amazed by the Redemption, and is honored to serve aboard the greatest airship to fly the skies in this war. Hildegard was also promoted to Vice-captain.

Hildegard is currently the captain of SAF Libelle (Dragonfly), a custom scout ship based on Felix Rex design and fitted with two Drow Repeater Ballistae.

Hildegard is on good relations with most of the crew. She is especially fond of Conrad, if only for the fact that they both attended the University of Greyhawk. Her favorite NCO is Ballista Boy, who reminds her of her body-guard-for-life, Rengar, who was lost during her escape from the University.


Lt. Hildegard Von Drachenberg

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