Felicity Kerrin DEAD

DEAD/Founding High Priestess of Therin


Felicity Kerrin is in her early 20s. She is Tall and athletic and has long blonde hair. She is often to be found wearing the black and white robes of a Priest of Therin.


Felicity was a student at the University of Greyhawk until she was abducted and taken to Deepship to be used as a host for demon spiders. Rescued by Dakken, Kyle and Bert Stein she joined the adventurers as a sort of gap year activity. Felicity is a good all rounder and is a very sporty girl. She was trained in most of her fighting style by Dakken and so has adopted some of his manoeuvres (albeit with a Human slant on them).
Since she became a Priestess of Therin she was blessed with several gifts including, Dark Vision and Dwarven language.
She was the High Priestess of Therin and was always accompanied by her hand maiden Mathilda Goldenhelm

Felicity was murdered by the traitor, Brant Umber during The Darkest Hour. Her Body is interned in the crypt below the cathedral in Goldenhelm

Felicity Kerrin DEAD

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