Fathom Lord Skithrax

Lizardman pirate and Sea Prince council member


A renowned lizrdman pirate and the 2nd seat on the Bloody Council of the Sea Princes.

Although a true pirate he operates by his own code of ethics and there are certain crimes and practices he will not allow his crew to indulge in.

His fleet of ships is not as big as many of those below him in the council however he is the richest Prince and controls the largest amount of territory and the nicest areas in the whole of the Sea Princes – mainly as he has the resources to be able to expand outwards into the sea and his coral fortress is one of the first sights many see as they approach the Sea Princes.

His powerbase is maintained as he includes amongst his supporters many creatures native to the sea such as Sea Elves and Tritons and has numerous elementalists and weather mages within his crews so is able to utilise the creatures of the sea and the elements in his endeavours.

Married to lady Sania Surfrunner, a sea elf and (low level) Sea Prince in her own right.

Fathom Lord Skithrax

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