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DATE: Immediate upon Receipt

TO: Disciplinary Board of Greyhawk University, Erwin Friggutus, The Council of Universal Necromantic Tutelage and Sanctioning, Head of House Chrisar Isboni.

FROM: Ebeneezer Mcruppit, Oversight Department for Arcana and Magical Negligence

RE: Disciplinary Decision of Dismissal

Purpose of Notification
This letter is formal notification of my decision that, effective immediately, Erwin Friggutus of University House Isboni, is to be dismissed from tenure with the University due to Unacceptable Personal Conduct, specifically, for unsanctioned avenues of research into the Necromantic Arts, concern for his own state of mental health, and destruction of University property.

Relevant Past Occurrences and Active Disciplinary Actions

1. Making frivolous accusations of plagiarism towards respected members of staff.
a. Accusations dismissed, Erwin placed on watchlist.

2. Making frivolous accusations of intellectual property theft towards members of staff.
a. Accusations dismissed, further accusations to be dismissed out of hand.

3. Sabotage of high level research setting the university back years.
a. Erwin put on psychiatric evaluation, for remainder of the academic year.

4. Using spells on animals not sanctioned for research (Dolphins).
a. Access to department of conjuration limited.
b. Access to research subjects limited.

5. Exploring avenues and methods of research deemed unnecessarily cruel.
a. Access to any sentient research subjects expressly forbidden.
b. Access to non-sentient research subjects available only under supervision.

6. Using himself as research subject in opposition to University policy on acceptable methodologies.
a. Placed on full time supervision.
b. Confined to theoretical research, with access to labs and equipment expressly forbidden.

Incident(s) Resulting in the Pre-Disciplinary Conference
1. Suspected theft of hazardous arcana from the Restricted Artifacts Department.
Additional Information Provided at the Pre-Disciplinary Conference

On the first day of the semester Erwin Friggutus attended a pre-disciplinary conference with myself to discuss this issue. Also present at this Conference was Gannet Wishburne, Consultant from the Office of Sentient Resources. Minutes included.
E.Mcruppit: Erwin, please have a seat.

E.Friggutus: I’ll stand.
Note; At this point Erwin is sitting, and remains sitting

G.P.Wishburne: Erwin, do you understand the purpose of this disciplinary hearing?

EF: I’m certainly certain. I have been asked to appear at this ceremony unceremoniously because I took something I couldn’t take from a place I couldn’t enter.

GW: And do you consider that at least a mistake?

EF: Many mistakes have been made, and you may consider those mistakes considered.

EM: Erwin, I would have you take these proceedings seriously. We have made excuses for you long enough, and should this disciplinary hearing go against you, I shall have no recourse but to remove you entirely from Greyhawk University.

GW: You’ve gone too far this time Erwin.

EF: I haven’t moved an inch in place or in principle. I have continued to press my research in the very direction and under the very same principles in which I started. I am being persecuted here…

GW: This is not persecution, it is damage control.

EF: I am being euphemistically damage controlled here, because when seeking the proper access to materials I need, I was denied them, when others, benefitting solely from my work and ideas, have been given access to them. Were I given access…

EM: You were not given access.

EF: Then we have a confession.

EM: Excuse me?

EF: You confess you denied me access, thus forcing me to breach university policy in a way I would not have been forced to do had you been doing your job correctly.

EM: I am not on trial here, you are.

EF: Which is one of the many mistakes I alluded to earlier.

EM: Listen you little shit…

GW: Mcruppit, please, there’s no need to add fuel to this fire. Mr. Friggutus, you will restrict your answers to the matters of this inquiry. Did you break into the Restricted Artifacts Department in order to strip components from dangerous artifacts?

EF: Yes. They were necessary for my research.

GW: And I assume you have no remorse for this act, costing the University millions in gold pieces, not to mention the injuries sustained in the subsequent failed experiment?

EF: I feel no remorse for any man or institution which be so distracted by shiny disks that they release the reins of the universe to pick and count them.

GW: Very well, then thus concludes the hearing. You may leave.

EM: It may be wise for you to pack your things Erwin.

Disciplinary Decision
Based on all information provided regarding this issue:
1. I find that Erwin inappropriately used University resources in violation of University policy.
2. I find that Erwin knowingly and willfully endangered the safety of the staff and students at this University.

In addition, it is my suspicion that personal experimentation has unfortunately damaged the mind of a once potentially promising student. I have personally overseen a rapid decline in his faculties. His memory in particular seems to have declined significantly, with episodes of apparent amnesia.

After a horrific cascade of failures in magical research, Erwin has become something of a tolerated amusement, including a corral of students quite eager to look in on Erwin’s latest embarkation into pseudoscientific nonsense. Currently, that is the “Friggutus box”, apparently capable of inducing a “Border state” between life and death. Obviously we had to put a stop to that before some poor first year got coaxed into that death trap.

Friggutus in these last days has been bitter, imbalanced, and whilst arguably seeking positive ends, his uninterest in the means and methods used to reach those ends have proven to be too much for us to accept.

Therefore, I have decided to dismiss Erwin from tenure with the University, effective immediately.
All applicable payouts of leave and/or other earned time off will be made as provided by University policy. There is no payout of accrued sick leave, although this leave can be restored if you return to employment with Greyhawk within 5 years of separation. Any debts you owe to the University may be paid over the course of your previous expected tenure.

A list has already been provided to Erwin regarding the materials, equipment, and services still pending payment or replacement, and these will also need to be accounted for, or legal action will be taken to recuperate the losses.

Records Retention & Access to Records
This Disciplinary Decision of Dismissal has been issued pursuant to the University’s SPA Disciplinary Action & Related Separations Policy and is governed by the University’s General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule. It will be retained as part of your permanent file along with all active disciplinary actions and related notices.

Please be aware that:
1. Greyhawk General Statute 126-23(a)(11) provides that dismissal letters are public information and must be released if requested.
2. You can choose either to retain your contributions to the retirement system or to withdraw your contributions from the system. The Benefits Department in the Office of Human Resources can provide you additional information on these options.
3. If you are the selected candidate for another State position, the hiring supervisor is allowed to review your University File as part of the reference checking process. This includes, but is not limited to, your three most recent annual performance appraisals, all active disciplinary actions, the date and type of each previously-issued disciplinary suspension or demotion, and any disciplinary documents related to a dismissal for cause from previous University employment, including all disciplinary actions active at the time of a dismissal. The hiring supervisor may factor this information into their final hiring decision.
4. Dismissal does not necessarily preclude you from receiving certain benefits. The Greyhawk Security Commission (GSC) determines eligibility for benefits, not the University. However, the GSC may consider the reason for your separation from employment when determining eligibility.
Appeal Rights

You have the right to appeal this disciplinary action under the University System Grievance Policy (“Policy”). To be eligible, you must submit your “SPA Grievance Initial Filing Form” to the University’s Office of Human Resources within 15 calendar days of receiving this disciplinary action. A copy of the Policy is attached. For your convenience, you also may obtain a copy of the Policy through Employee & Management Relations or at the Office of Human Resources. If you have questions about your appeal rights, please contact the Grievance

Supervisor’s Signature

Supervisor’s Signature: _____________________ Date: ________________


Disciplinee Acknowledgement

I acknowledge that I have received this disciplinary letter. I understand that my signature below does not necessarily imply agreement with the statements made in this document or the disciplinary action taken.

Employee’s Signature: _____________________ Date: ________________

Erwin Friggutus

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