Eric Rose

DEAD/Catty, Handsome ... and to die for.


Dead. Killed by Iuzian assassins and left to bleed to death on the floor.


University is a strange place, isn’t it? You save money from here and there … practically everywhere and you come to university and blow your cash on what you think is an education. Boy, did I have a lesson to learn there … heh.

I was in the University of Grey Hawk, training to become a dancer. It was my first year and I was in heaven. You see … Nothing ever worked for me in life. My family is nonexistent; I don’t even know them, tragic? … I wouldn’t agree. I didn’t quite care because I lived a thug’s life and was in a gang in Y’ben, because of that, I was supporting myself from the age of seven. My love life? What love? What life? I think I broke some unknown promiscuous record and a few hearts on the way. As for friends … I seem to lack luck in that department. My masters told me I was a charmer and I took advantage of that everywhere I went. Many years later, I decide to leave that part of my life and go after my passion in life, which is dance.

I applied to the University and got accepted in a heartbeat. They didn’t know that I had stolen that heartbeat, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them. The guy who interviewed me had a boner the entire time … If only his wife and 6 children knew. I was assigned to the team with average skills. To think that I would be assigned here without training … I guess I chose the right career in life, eh? We were twenty five students in the average level, fifty three were in the beginner level and seven were in the advanced level. Those seven couldn’t be described with words, because words just weren’t enough. I wanted to be like them … I wanted to be with them … I wanted to be included in that level. I took it as a personal challenge to turn the seven into eight.

They were three girls and four guys. Elise was the lead female dancer, best of the best. She had blonde hair, rosy cheeks and a smile that could send a breeder on a coma. She was her humble and modest. She was too perfect … I envied her a bit but I admired her more. The twins, Vivian and Lilli, were a force to be reckoned with. Their synced dances were outstanding and their personalities were vivacious and bubbly. I knew I was going to get along with those 2 from the first day (I wasn’t mistaken). Victor was the kindest one of them. His technique was fluid and his expressions when dancing would almost bring me to tears. Jake was a typical clown. His attitude and energy were always uplifting and so was his quirky dancing. Kellen was the lead male dancer. He was a very well built young man that danced with absolute precision. I would sometimes feel like he could cut the air around him with how sharp his extensions were. He was the “cool” guy and was popular among both guys and girls. He was friendly and helpful and always offered to help the students who were behind or needed extra training. Yeah … he can train me whenever he wants … I felt an immediate intense lust for him. All the diamonds I had stolen during my life as a thief didn’t compare to how I felt just staring at him. The last guy was a beautiful man, literally beautiful. He had a feminine quality to the way his face was structured and was the youngest of the group. His name was Aaron. He was shy and reserved but dancing to him felt natural. Every routine they would dance would be better than the one that came after. Crazy jumps, precise turns, ridiculous tricks and expressions that matched each dance’s feel to a T. I never had someone to compete with back in Y’ben simply because my style was different. I was unique. I knew it and flaunted it, and I did not care if anyone wished to acknowledge that. I felt very inferior here, from the first moment I saw them … I decided that I would make my way to that level no matter what. I refused to feel inferior to anyone … especially at something that I love so much.

I trained so very hard. I would get six hours of sleep on a good day. I would skip meals to save money for additional lessons. By the time I would finish, I would feel pain in places that I never Imagined, I would be bruised and injured but I didn’t let that stop me. I never knew I was this competitive but I had something to prove to my greatest critic … Myself.

I managed to make a reputation for myself. It was a very task given my age group. A few parties here, a couple of spicy rumors there, and to top all that I deliberately broke a heart … or five … I also managed to impress some of my superiors and peers and landed myself a solo performance. I knew the seven would be there, I knew everyone was watching … that was my moment and rocked it like a filthy one night stand. I got a standing ovation and was humbled. It was such a high. The hard work is paying off. I was approached by Kellen afterwards. He congratulated me on a wonderful performance and after a little bit of small talk, he invited me to attend his class.

Bingo …

You know … sometimes I just get lucky and I do not know why. I had him where I wanted him … Well … Not really but he was as good as mine. I always get what I want, and right now … I wanted two things, the first was to be promoted to his level and the second was to have my way with him. I’m a lot like the Cats that I love so much, I’ll come to you only because I want to. No one was ever able to resist my advances. I tend to like men a great deal because there is nothing more satisfying to me than having a big strong masculine man scream with pleasure and ask to me give just a little bit more. That is how I used to steal … I would select a target, test my skills on them and as a way to reward myself I would steal something of great value to them, and Kellen fit the bill perfectly. However I had a suspicion that he may have been a Fruit because I could have sword I saw a few exchanged “looks” between him and Aaron. If it is true then Aaron doesn’t stand a chance. He may be a “beautiful” man, but what would a silly pampered boy know of seduction and charm? Beauty is a gift, I know that because I am a handsome man, I have been told that all my life, but one cannot simply rest on that.

I played my cards on Kellen every single time I would be in his class. I would try to dim my shine when I wanted his attention and whenever he would teach me something I would take it, advance it and make it even better and that would impress him. It wasn’t too long before he started to show serious interest in my dancing and asked for more time alone with me. His excuse was to teach me more advanced steps and dance concepts. Who was he kidding? That was the oldest trick in the book, but I let it slip and pretended like I didn’t know what he was doing. Those lessons could be considered sexual acts of their own. There was plenty of physical contact, sweaty side by side action. I would feel a little twinge whenever he would lift me or grab my legs to perfect my extensions. This was a strange form of foreplay that I very much enjoyed. Needless to say, a good friendship developed and eventually he invited me to meet the seven.

Perfect … The plan is proceeding well. I’m so close I could taste it … hehe … would you look at that … I did it again.

The girls were very friendly. It took be about thirty seconds and a few comments to get on their good side. As expected, the twins took a lovely shine to me. Victor and Jake were very friendly. I was able to impress them with the compliments I had regarding their technique. Aaron was cold with me … That little diva. He was obviously jealous; maybe he sensed that I could be competition? However I have a feeling that it wasn’t his spot he was afraid of me taking … There was something else, or rather … Someone else. It must be Kellen … Who am I kidding? I know its Kellen. Too bad that little boy didn’t have a social bone in his body. I was in complete control of the outing. I was the center of attention and I told them a lot of stories from my life back in Y’ben, some were true and others were made up. I couldn’t have them know I was a jewelry thief, I would lose a lot of respect because these people were from wealthy families and have never spent time conversing with a thief … even if it is a classy, tasteful one. The day went well and I was invited to hang out with them again. All were eager to meet me again … except for that tiny diva. I hate him.

As the days went by, I developed a stronger bond with Kellen and his group. Little by little I was getting closer and closer. They would confide in me, tell me their secrets and even complain about the others behind their backs. I had them all where I wanted them … well … at least six of them. I could easily destroy their dynamic. One would imagine that to be a great thing, right? It should have been. After all, I was getting what I wanted, right? …

Why did I feel so strange? Why couldn’t I make my move? They were there … RIGHT THERE!!! I could simply use one sentence and start a chain of corruption and simply end this superior group’s dynamic within a day. Why couldn’t I do it?

… Who am I kidding? I was never the type to deny what I wanted. I also never denied how I felt … If I was to be honest, I would say that I started to feel attached to them. The sense of belonging is too strong. It hit me like a barrage of magic missiles. I have never felt that before because I was always a pariah. That wasn’t the case … I had “friends” now … they treated me well and as soon as my guard was down, they noticed and started treating me even better. To make matters worse, Kellen had to ambush me with a romantic picnic, followed by a deep kiss. That boy made me feel like I was one of those rare Diamonds that I so crave to have … I broke all the rules. I didn’t have a target anymore … I had friends and a Lover. Things between me and Kellen were a secret; this was a request from him because he suspected that Aaron was in love with him. I didn’t agree to it but … I couldn’t say no.

The situation was absolutely ridiculous … I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I thought that people don’t change and I had lived with that train of thought for the past eleven years. I was there … stranding in front of a mirror, looking at my own reflection. I saw a different person … I wasn’t Eric the Diamond thief. I was Eric Rose, the fluid dancer, the faithful boyfriend (My Selidor … I became one of THOSE people), the girl’s friend and life of every party and conversation.

I loved it …

A few months later, I was promoted to their level and the seven became eight. It was such a beautiful number; it became my favorite that day. I’m fickle and I know I’m probably going to change my mind at some point but for now … The number 8 was a source of happiness for me. What’s even stranger? I managed to do something the right and legal way. I didn’t steal, I didn’t kill … I worked every bone in my body and befriended my targets and fell in love with one of them, all of which are perfectly legal. Everyone was happy for me … Except for Aaron. The more active I was, the more reserved he became. I ignored him, but I knew that he knew about me and Kellen … It was hard to keep secret but we managed to keep our mouths shut. Unfortunately, the way we acted around each other didn’t help. The lustful looks we gave each other all the time, the way he would touch me during lifts, the connection we had when we danced and … the few times he was caught leaving his room in the middle of the night to come to mine. I decided then that I would be the one to do the all the sneaking around. Needless to say, I was never caught.

My worries regarding Aaron were growing and I decided to express this to Kellen. “Still waters run deep”. I used that saying as an argument against Aaron when I expressed my worries to Kellen. He brushed them aside and said that I should try to get to know him better. The little fucker wouldn’t let me!!! The longest conversation I had with Aaron stretched as far as “Good Bye” and that was on a good day.

Why didn’t that Idiot listen to me!! Everything would have been ok … Everything wouldn’t be so different …

As time progressed, the tension between me and Aaron became very evident. I was trying to not be sassy but a couple of snide comments would eventually leave my lips and worsen the situation. The group always interfered and things would calm down but eventually the situation worsened and during one of our arguments I let the following slip: “You tiny talentless cunt. I have been trying to cooperate with you but I have had enough. You are an idiot! I don’t even know how the hell you made it to the this level because your dancing is as good as a limbless 90 year old hag. Why do you think Kellen picked me instead of you!!?” The following moment of silence felt like it could last till the end of time. Aaron started crying and ran away. They all gave chase … Kellen included. He gave me a very angry look when I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t listen. I went back to my room, I was furious. I cried myself to sleep because I knew I had done a terrible thing and planned to apologize the next morning.

I was woken up by a very loud scream. When I came to my sense I realized it was coming from Kellen’s room. I panicked and ran out as fast as I could. I reached Kellen’s room and opened the door only to see him naked on the floor in a pool of his own blood. I felt like someone had ripped open my chest and crushed my heart in front of my own eyes and then put it back inside me. The tears were flowing from my eyes like a river and wouldn’t stop. When I approached Kellen’s body the door shut behind me and a thin figure lunged at me with a knife. I reacted in time to disarm that person and kick them back. This person was an amateur and he messed with the wrong man’s man. I pinned him to the ground and took off the black fabric covering his face …


I was so shocked I almost lost my grip on him. I quickly recovered and proceeded to punch the living lights out of him; I then grabbed his own dagger and plunged it so deep I felt his heart beats slow down and his warm blood gushing out into my arm. Suddenly the door slammed open and it was the other five … They saw everything. The girls started to scream, I knew what it all looked like and I wasn’t going to be blamed for it. I immediately took Kellen’s necklace and jumped out the window. I ran as fast as I could, with nothing but a bloodied sleeping gown, a necklace and a broken heart. I managed to escape the University campus and found a simple farm and slept there. The next morning, I composed myself, stole some cloths and managed to sneak into a ship back to Y’ben.

I waste hours every night before I sleep just to recall everything that happened that day. Kellen’s screams, his bloodied limp body, Aaron’s face as I plunged his own dagger into him and the look that the other 5 gave me as they entered the room. Till now I don’t know what to think of all this … My pain will have to be my own; I will have to live with it.

… I will love him till the end of time …

I spent the better part of my trip back to Y’ben alone, curled like a fetus. I cried and cried and cried … each memory brought back a river of sadness with it. A few days ago he was here and now … he is gone. Mortality is so stupid … Why are we living if we have to start our lives with youth and vitality and then we witness our own decay and the disappearance of everything we love?

Stupid … So very stupid …

Reaching Y’ben was a bit of relief. I am back in the arms of where I grew up. Back in the arms of the city that taught me to do everything that I am able to do. I acknowledged my pain but I simply wanted it to go away so I decided to go back to work. I contacted most of my regular clients. Some weren’t there, and some were very welcoming. Others were distraught at the fact that I had simply disappeared. I didn’t owe any of those greedy cunts an explanation. I kept my sassiness up and was very evasive.

I started a few simple jobs here and there. They weren’t fancy at all, a simple jewelry theft here, a sabotaging there. I actively avoided any assassinations and that did raise a few eyebrows. I was not ready for that … Whenever I think of killing someone innocent … I remember Kellen, the only man I have truly loved and the man who’s body lay in the ground as I write this. I don’t want anyone to feel what I felt, nor would I wish any innocent person to share the same fate as Kellen.

… Killed by a jealousy … and stupidity…

A few months pass and I am getting my touch back. I was getting back into my groove. My flavor was slowly returning to me. My lust for life, my desire for diamonds … and don’t even get me started on the last time I got laid. The past seems so far away. The pain slowly dims with each advancing day and the memories cease to ache. I still miss him but I am not crippled by pain. I wake up to the joyous sound of birds humming outside my window and to a mint cool painless chest every day. I have picked up enough of myself to recognize my own reflection in the mirror and it feels great.

“The bitch is back and has decided to do it all.” I said to one of my close friends/clients. I generally don’t keep a personal relationship with any of my clients but this lady was a fine exception. I was spending a lovely afternoon with her when we discussing my future and I told her that I had heard about this blossoming place called “GryphonPeak”. She told me that money is plenty and so are the opportunities for work. When asked about the nature of the work that I could find and weather I was qualified, she laughed and said that I was meant to live my life in a place like this and that Y’ben wasn’t good enough for me. How could I argue with this woman? She knew me so well and to be fair … the men and the politics have been in complete chaos here. I told her how much it would cost to travel there and she says that the only thing I need to do is ask.

An opportunity has presented itself. A new beginning? How interesting …

I spent a few days asking about Gryphon Peak and was told that it was originally Selidorian. It is progressing heavily, and is owned by Lord Robert (Total Fruit BTW) and Lady Kassandra (BY SELIDOR! THEY ARE HUGE!!! Very beautiful though …). They don’t just sit and do nothing on the island; they actually adventure with a party that I was told have … a very unique skill set. There was talk of an Opera house being built there and the fact that a ships are sailing to and from Y’ben to there.

My … my … my … I think I may have a lot to do there. Who knows? Maybe I can be Lord Robert’s little boy toy? Maybe Lady Kassandra’s … anything, really. I wouldn’t mind if she treated me like a house cat or a pony (its loads of fun). That Opera house … Maybe it could have space for a dance group? So many options …

I went back to my client and told her that I would accept her offer. She was delighted and told me that the ship leaves in two days. I was overjoyed. I thanked her for her kind offer and after saying goodbye; I headed back into the city to buy some … special … equipment.

I boarded the ship like a normal person does. Sooo not my style, but at least I can be out in the open and take a better look at the sailors. I would have said sea men but there is a joke there that I know all too well. I just wanted to make sure they were doing their jobs correctly … I promise … Hehe.

I know the first thing I’m going to do is visit that Pearl place I heard so much about. Let’s hope the men of Gryphon Peak know how to satisfy like real men do. Oh! Possibly a white cat too!! I’ve always wanted one.

Eric Rose

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