Eloc Lortbane

Therinite from the Troll Fens.


High AC/HP.
Strong and Perceptive (16 and 17)
Average Dex, Con, Cha, and Int (12, 13, 12, 11)

Background Skill:
Trollfenner. Detect/Track Troll. Wilderness Survival. Troll Knowledge.

Weapon Skills:
Axe. Axe +3D. Overwhelming Critical. Drive Back.
Shield. Shield Roll. Break Foot. Extra attack. Ignore enemy formation bonuses.

Non Combat Skills:
First Aid. Prep for magic.
Experienced Soldier. Sleep anywhere. Fearless without Stupidity. Air of Command. Patrolling.

Class Skills:
Turn Undead. Lay to Rest. Focus Turning.
Oathmaker. True Oath. Oath-seer. Greater Oath-seer.

(Something like that, don’t have my char sheet on me).


Eloc was born in the Troll fens south of the Therin hills, to a Trollhunter father and a Therinite mother, taking care of the hunters when they returned, and performing many of the religious ceremonies that needed doing around the village. His father died when he was a few years old.

Eloc, despite being well suited to Troll-hunting was pressured into the priesthood at an early age by his mother, but when she died when he was 13, he was deemed too young to take over her responsibilities. He joined with the trollhunting expeditions like his father, training up his magic to aid the other hunters.

Since then his talents were recognized and he was recruited joined up with the Black Legion, until he was asked to head north after a seer told him he was needed elsewhere.

Since his adventures began away from the Fens, Eloc has made quite a name for himself in the battle against Iuz. Starting with running sabotage missions inside the city of Greyhawk against occupying forces, he has quickly risen through the ranks defending those who have fallen under the heel of the Iuzian and Theocratic hordes.

From rescuing and uncovering Therinite war machines, aiding the founding of Griffon Peak, recovering The Redemption and her crew, starting the Saledorian Air Force, and becoming Admiral just before leading the assault on Wha Faan.

Eloc Lortbane

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