Elma (Theodore Irons)

A 12 year old wizard assassin


Theodore Irons has the appearance of a preteen Theocran girl. She is a pitiable little thing, dressed in simple wizard’s robes (With many pockets for wands) usually. She has her spell book in a protective element proof case and slung with a band on her shoulder.


Theodore Irons was born and raised in the Shield Lands. He was too frail for soldiery, and so took to study and scholarly pursuits. A psychopath and a pedophile, Theodore deeply believed in Pholtus, and always reasoned his actions against his devotion to his god. He eventually left for Greyhawk University to study history, where he taught himself magic. He still engaged in his acts, favoring mage students, and always young females (Who would spurn his advances because he is creepy). He had always been fascinated with the Theocracy and their concepts of racial purity, and most of his leisurely reading was spend on such topics. Theodore left the university shorty before the war started when he accepted membership into the Assassins Guild.

He was contracted to go on a mission to the Theocracy with an elite team. There, he took upon the identity of Elma, a young wizard girl, and together with his team members, infiltrated as far as the God King’s house. On the way, he began doubting his own beliefs, especially after being spoken to by Neurall, who was on the mission as well. This culminates when he enters a Selidorian Reality engine where he had to fight himself. To defeat himself, he profiled himself, and realized that Pholtus has nothing to do with what he wants to do, and that he simply is a mad, sick, murderous paedophile who does it because he loves it. He enjoys the chase, the chaos, the fear, and arousal! His copy realizes that as well and the two return to the physical plane together to continue the mission.

Unfortunately, the real Theodore dies to a war golem guarding a Daughter of Selidor, but the copy persists. Eventually the team make their escape with the goddess. Before disembarking, Neurall asks Theodore if he wishes to turn to his faith. Theodore considers it but declines for now, as he wants to handle a few unfinished businesses, and that he will seek out Neurall when the time comes.

Elma (Theodore Irons)

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