Dakken Grimmjaw

Dwarven Warrior, King Therin of the Flint Hills, Commander of the Black Legion, Ruler of Goldenhelm


Square cut Black Beard and a Black Mohawk (most of the time).
He wears Black clothing under blackened chainmail and a blackened plate cuirass. He also wears a Long black heavy woollen cloak. His helmet is like that of a Spartan but with a groove cut through the back and top to allow his Mohawk to stand through. He carries a Great axe and Large round shield, emblazoned with the Golden Skull of Therrin.


All I ever wanted to do was be a soldier, and so I joined up with the 7th Legion of Greyhawk. I put the time and effort in and managed to get to the rank of Sergeant. Then one winter the 7th, 8th and 9th Legions were posted to guard Felpass Gates, a rugged pass through the mountains in the north, while a fort was being constructed. After a few months fending off small raiding parties of Orcs and Goblins, the pass became quiet. The commanders of the 8th and 9th Legions pulled their forces back to Greyhawk as the winter intensified, leaving only the 7th Legion to guard the construction. A fortnight later a vicious blizzard whipped through the pass, making it impossible to see to the next sentry point. The snow lay in deep drifts and avalanches cut off huge sections of the pass. Blinded by snow and deafened by wind the legion was caught by surprise as an immense Orc force charged down off the mountain sides. A bitter battle ensued and the superior tactics of the 7th Legion were overpowered by the much greater numbers of the Orc hordes. We held the line as long as possible but the weight of the Orcs was too much as the snow was stained with the blood of the Legion. We fought on through and eventually managed to turn back the tides. The Orcs that did not flee were cut down. There were only a handful of us left standing. We realised that if the Orcs come back at us again we could not hold them and so the best option was to move raise help from nearby Legions in the mountains. We split up and set off, each tasked with bringing reinforcements back to the pass. I was sent East over the mountains to meet up with the 14th Legion stationed at Fortress Hildebrant. Crossing the mountains is never easy at the best of times but the snow made every mile into a hard slog. I had barely the provisions to last me a day or 2 and was reduced to sleeping under my shield, wrapped only in my woollen cloak. I don’t remember reaching the fortress, but I do recall waking in a stone room, with a large open fire. I was later told that I had marched up to the fortress gates, demanded to speak to the Legion commander where I had given him a full account of the battle and numbers before passing out.
I stayed at Fortress Hildebrant for a few weeks while the worst of the winter passed and when the snows began to fade I made my way back to Greyhawk to Legion HQ. I arrived there to find that due to the losses the 7th Legion had been disbanded. I lived in Greyhawk for a short while until I could no longer afford my lodgings at which point I took mercenary work, travelling with convoys as protection. I soon had built up a reputation in the adventurers taverns and had made some friends amongst the other hired hands that I worked with frequently.
It was with a few of these colleagues that I was hired by the Kerrin family to travel to DeepShip on the Nyr Dyv to rescue their daughter Felicity who had been abducted by an evil merchant. We managed to rescue her, but left ourselves in a precarious situation with how to get out of DeepShip. We couldn’t take the sea routes and so instead opted to hike back across the Cairn Hills.
Returning to Greyhawke, we were given another job by the Kerrin family. We were to transport an ice-cream cart to Yben’t in time for the festival, but we were being pursued by the Smearscoops who were trying to get there with their own cart. We avoided the main roads and travelled most of the way through the Flint Hills, passing through the city of Goldenhelm. We emerged from the Flint Hills in time to see Zeppelins bombarding Yben’t with boulders. We rushed down into the city and started to help out where we could. We knew that the Smearscoops were somehome involved in this and so we tracked them down to a mansion house. After showing them they shouldn’t mess with us we found a set of plans for the assassination of Yben’ts leaders. Luckily we were able to intervene in time to save Paladin Brannigans life, but by now of course we were at war with Iuz and the Theocracy.
I enlisted with the war effort and took my first mission. It was during this first mission that I started having visions of the ancient King Therin. In Greyhawk I mounted a rescue mission and freed a number of non-humans and founded the Black Legion of Therin. At this point the Legion numbered around 50 Dwarves, Elves, Minotaurs, and Halflings. Together we were able to run some guerrilla operations in Greyhawk and assassinated some high ranking Theocran officials.
I led the Black Legion back to Yben’t under the Battle Banner of Therin. Back in Yben’t we established a barracks outside the city walls and started training and recruiting more legionnaires. We built and dedicated the first temple to Therin to be built in over 1500 years.
The night that the temple was dedicated to Therin I had an horrific dream. A couple of days later a messenger from the Flint Hills arrived to say that Goldenhelm had fallen to the forces of Iuz.
I assembled a small force of the Legion to scout out the Flint Hills and we took a larger force up led by Lt Gruff to guard the entrance to the caves.
We battled through hordes of drow and troglodytes and discovered cartloads of Dwarves chained up.
When we came up to Goldenhelm we found the gates had been smashed off their hinges and the town was deserted. We moved in and got to one of the town squares. It was here that we were attacked by a small army of undead. We made short work of the zombies and ghouls and searched the Temple. In the crypt we found a hidden shrine to Therin, which had some old dwarves sheltering in it. They told us of a lost city of Deephaven that still worship Therin. The location of Deephaven is rumoured to be hidden on a statue house in the museum in Greyhawk.
I sent the rest of the scouting party back to the legion and Felicity and I headed back to Greyhawk. In Greyhawk we met up with the resistance fighters and we managed to retrieve a stone cube from the museum. Next we headed to the University and had the cube/map translated. In the process I managed to annoy one of the university Deans(professor Thorn) and was banished back to Yben’t. Now armed with the location of Deephaven I could try and stop the forces of Iuz accomplish their plans in the Flint Hills.
Moving back through the Flint Hills we found where the town of Underfalls used to be. The town had been raised and now was just a series of excavations. Dwarven slaves were being used to dig for something. We managed to get close enough to talk to one of them who told me that they had found an ancient tunnel but hadn’t told the Iuzians yet. We organised a diversion which allowed us to slip through the tunnels. Once through we found the city of Deephaven. It was here that we met the toughest challenge. A city which had cut itself off centuries ago and didn’t want to get involved in the fights of the people that had turned their backs on Therin. After I explained that it is too late now and a huge force is on its way the elder council, set us on another mission to retrieve some power crystals which control the cities defences. We returned with them just as the city was being attacked. We were able to get the Magma golems summoned and fought off the Avatar of Iuz and its forces. The Deephaven elders still wanted nothing to do with the surface but granted me a force of 1500 Dwarves and Drow to bolster the forces of Therins Legion. I marched out of the Flint Hills under the Battle Banner of the Black Legion and the Battle Standard of King Therin. The barracks was no longer able to sustain the size of the legion and so I ordered the Legion to move into the Flint Hills and re-establish the city of Goldenhelm in the name of Therin. So there it is. How I went from a Sergeant of a squad to mortal embodiment of a long forgotten God King…

Dakken Grimmjaw

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