Ships cook, potion maker and surgeon... Human


Old and quite thin. He has 3 stripes of greasy hair which he combs over his otherwise bald head. Normally seen wearing a grubby leather apron and a grey, heavily stained vest.

His nickname of Cutty actually comes from ‘Prime Cut’, as everything he serves up is a prime cut.

He spent many years as head cook for a Greyhawk noble. Has a talent of disguising any ‘speciality meat’ as the finest cuts of meat available. His theory is once anything has been seasoned and hung for a few weeks it all tastes the same. At first he made the exchange when his lordship was drunk, and he would dine on the best cuts while his master ate the food meant for the servants. After a while he realised that he could sell on the food for the lord and just serve him whatever he could get his hands on. Gutter rats, Stray cats and dogs, lumpfish from the city sewers.

He was eventually caught out when a particularly rare fish gifted to the Lord was sold back to the cook of the dignatory who gifted it to the Lord in the first place.

Cutty was sacked from the house and was blacklisted from working in or around Greyhawk. He moved to Ybent, and picked up work on the dockside selling roast “chicken” to the sailors. He was then made an offer by a ship captain about to set sail who was in dire need of a cook(their cook was dangling from a yard arm by a Felix Rex rope for being a notorious poisoner). The money was right and Cutty had depleted the seagull population around Ybent enough and so he went with them and has been hopping from ship to ship ever since.

Cutty is has been a long standing friend of Tiny Johann and they have spent many of their years on the sea on the same ships. He met up with Malik onboard the Spice Ship, which became The Polka-Mor

As well as being a first rate cook Cutty is also the ships surgeon/healer and can make a range of potions and poultices.


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