Conrad Ulric Weathersky


Standing at 6’1", Weathersky cuts a dashing figure. Long of limb and always sporting a fine moustache he always dresses well and it is a rare day that he won’t be carrying his ornate quarterstaff with a fine pewter hip flask tucked into his waistcoat.

He has the air and bearing of a gentleman scholar – which is not far from the truth. Hailing from a long standing wealthy family Conrad is the third son, and while his father’s wealth allows for a sizeable stipend plus a reasonable inheritance his standard of living demands he make something of himself in the world.

It is also rare to see Conrad outside the company of a rather curious and somewhat unwholesome creature he calls Ambrose. The creature resembles nothing in the natural world, but likens to offspring of a fur rug and a large ball. Ambrose seems to have high intelligence but busies itself with ungainly appetites (rocks, moss and certain chemical powders a firm favourite). Ambrose is in fact from the Asteral plane.


Conrad Ulric Weathersky

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