Carson Goldenhelm

Male Dwarf Fighter. Battle Standard Bearer of The Black Legion. Twin Brother of Mathilda Goldenhelm


Young Dwarf. He is beardless at the moment but has grown his hair and shaved it into a Mohawk like Dakkens. He is normally seen wearing the uniform of the Black Legion although his is slightly more ornate in places to denote his rank and status within the legion. He carries a large Halberd which has rings on the reverse of the blade to suspend the standard from.


Twin Brother of Mathilda Goldenhelm

When Dakken, Kyle and Felicity were travelling to Greyhawk they passed through the Flint Hills and The Dwelling of Goldenhelm. While there they talked to the Dwarven elders about the statues to Therrin they had seen on the journey and were subsequently cast out of Goldenhelm. The Goldenhelm twins had heard them trying to recruit fighters to their cause and had managed to follow them from Goldenhelm and join up with them.
Carson swore allegiance to Therin on the night that Felicity healed his wounds. He has carried the Standard of Therin since it was gifted to them.

Carson Goldenhelm

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