Strong, Tough, Protective body guard of Kassandra. Capable fighter and girlfriend to Milla de Fleur.


She was given that name by Kassandra as a testament to the beautiful color of her eye. Azure was
living under the radar in Gryphonpeak, taking low grade jobs like hunting, labor and sometimes
working in the bakery. When the bakery (Cake or am I wrong) opened, kassandra was a regular she
would buy pastries in massive quantities was always nice to everybody there, including azure. A
simple act of kindness that saved azure‚Äôs life sparked her interest in Kassandra that along with her relationship with Kassandra’s best friend, Milla. Kassandra didn’t hesitate to offer her a spot as her personal body guard/ staff combat trainer. Azure is tall, with a muscular build and a Mohawk, she lost one eye in a battle and wears an eye patch. She wise beyond her years and is generally kind and is a better listener than talker. When fighting she is insane, Brutal with almost no limits. Her fighting style is simple raw strength, with dirty maneuvers and tactics to overpower her opponents, she uses steel gauntlets and shields mainly.

She is nicknamed “Black rose” in house velglow.


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