Agnosta Pureheart

Reverend Mother of Maidens of Rememberance


8th level Paladin of Therin
Leader of the Maidens of Remembrance

Tall Half-elf female. Blonde hair and slightly elven features.

She normally wears the armour and robes of the Maidens and if often seen with Mathilda Goldenhelm


Reverend Mother Agnosta Pureheart

When she was only 4, her father was tragically killed after being gored by a charging stag while out hunting in the forests. Her mother’s mind broke and she dropped Agnosta at the doors to a convent-school, half a day’s ride North-East of Greyhawk, before plunging herself into the cold depths of the Nyir Dyv. She was left with a note explaining what had happened but no name for the child. The Mother Superior of the time suggested Agnosta Pureheart as a good wholesome name for the child.
Dedicated to Gideon, A little worshipped god of Promises and Truths, the convent took in wayward girls, waifs and strays and gave them life skills and discipline. The girls would all make a vow to fulfil their promises and to lead a truthful life. Many of the girls would leave the convent aged 16 and were highly sought after as maids, nannies and teachers amongst the upper echelons of Greyhawk society. Some stayed on and devoted their lives to the convent.
Agnosta Pureheart stayed on at the convent and worked her way to a senior sister, with only the Mother Superior and the God Gideon himself above her.
She was gifted at tending to the gardens, and loved the outdoors often taking the girls for nature walks and occasionally borrowing some horses to go trekking.
When news of the Theocrat invasion found its way to the convent Agnosta and her Mother Superior promised that they would not let any harm come to the girls in their care. The Mother Superior took the majority of the girls from the convent, and led them towards the coast road to meet up with the evacuees on the way to Ybent. Agnosta stayed behind with a handful of sisters to tend to the livestock and the crops.
A week later, an ornate cart with 8 outriders pulled up at the gates. A Theocratin officer, named Baron Von Brauner stepped out and introduced himself to her. He had heard of the reputation of the convents alumni and wanted to hand pick his maids for his new quarters in Greyhawk. Upon hearing that the girls had left, he flew into a rage and ordered his guards to round up the remaining sisters. They were tied up in the chapel and Von Brauner demanded to know where the girls were, on the threat of burning the chapel around them. The sisters held true to their promises and none would speak. Von Brauner ordered the chapel to be put to the flame. The chapel burned, and fell. Agnosta awoke to find herself amongst the smouldering ruins. The wooden beams supporting the dome had burned out and the falling masonry had put out the majority of the flames. The other sisters were dead, either burned or buried.
The rest of the convent grounds had also been burned, the livestock slaughtered and the fields salted. Agnosta found the bodies of the sisters and buried them in the small cemetery at the back of the chapel. Gathering what supplies she could, she headed off towards the coast road to try and catch the Mother Superior on the way to Ybent.
A few days into the walk, Agnosta saw a large force marching under the Theocratin banner heading towards her. She clambered off the road into the scrub around and hid waiting for them to pass.
As the columns passed she saw cages full of people being dragged on carts. She saw girls from the school crammed into several of them.
Once the column has passed Agnosta turned and followed them all the way to Greyhawk where they passed through the gates into the city.
With papers being checked at the gates Agnosta could not follow on immediately. Instead she headed back down the main road until she got to a coaching tavern. She waiting for a cart heading for Greyhawk and when it stopped to water its horses, she climbed into the back and hid amongst the crates and boxes.
A few hours later and the cart had passed through the gates and into Greyhawk.
She lived rough on the streets, foraging food where she could, all the while trying to track the girls. She heard tales of Theocratin patrols sent out to capture the fleeing populace to be brought back tot the city and used as slaves. They were being held in pens at a large cattle market and were being sold everyday.
The next morning she set off across the city, dodging patrols and checkpoints until she reached the cattle market. The stalls were filled with Theocrats, and the slaves were being led out from inspection pens in groups or singly and being auctioned off to the highest bidder.
Sneaking round the back of the market she found a small group of the girls locked in a larger holding pen. They were not due to be sold today but a lot of them had already gone.
The market was heavily guarded and so Agnosta had no chance of freeing the girls now. She gave them her word she would return and left to look round more of the market. As she was slipping back through to the main arena, a guard stopped her, demanding papers. Stunned she stood gawping at the guard trying to think of a way out of it. Just then a wealthy looking noble approached them and said “There you are girl. I’ve been looking for you. Where’s my water?” He grabbed her by the arm and led her away from the guard who replaced his sword and carried on patrolling.
The nobleman was Eric Stanwick. He was a resistance fighter and had recognised Agnosta from his visits to the convent before the invasion, his family had donated a lot of money over the years. He had been trying to secure the freedom of captured loyalists to help bolster the burgeoning resistance, when he saw Agnosta. He had seen the girls being bought by Von Brauner. Every single one and a few paid for over the odds.
He took Agnosta back to a resistance safe house where she was able to get the first warm meal since before the attack on the convent. That night Agnosta had a warm bed and slept deeply. In her dreams she saw the girls, and beside them a vision of Gideon. His voice boomed over their heads “I will protect you, of this you have my Promise” over and over.
When she awoke she found a parcel of clothes waiting for her, and a set of papers. The papers belonged to a woman of similar age and appearance to Agnosta. She had been killed when she had tried to resist the Theocrats and so her papers were genuine and would pass inspection. The woman was a human though and so Agnosta would have to hide her elven features, even though they were very subtle.
That morning they went back over to the cattle market, Agnosta wearing a headscarf to disguise her ears.
They arrived at the market to discover that the girls were not present in the inspection pens and also not out the back in the holding pens. Asking around they discovered that Von Brauner had made a deal with the market owner after close of business and the girls had been rounded up and taken away early that morning. No-one knew where they had been taken.
Several weeks passed by and there was no word on the street about the whereabouts of the girls or Von Brauner. Agnosta started to feel disheartened, her faith becoming shaky, then word came in from one of the other resistance groups in the city. Von Brauner had been seen frequenting a bordello recently. The bordello was being watched by the resistance, as a lot of senior officers had made it their “club” and tales of all manner of debauchery and depravity were rife. New girls had been appearing at the bordello over the last couple of days and from the descriptions, Agnosta recognised some of her wards.
Although Eric was against the idea, Agnosta decided that she needed to see for herself and to confirm that these were her girls. Eric wanted to go with her, but it would mean losing his cover which was all that was keeping him alive in the city. He agreed to let her go on the understanding that he teaches her to handle a knife. That night she set off through the city towards the bordello. She had borrowed a set of clothes similar to what the bar maids had worn, displaying far more flesh than she had ever shown in public before. She set her hair in a way to hide the tops of her ears and topped it off with a red rose.
Some quick talking got her into the bordello via the back doors and soon she was carrying 2 large pitchers of wine up to the private suites on the top floor. She steadied her nerves before entering the room. Von Brauner was lounging on a large red velvet sofa. Several other Theocrat officers were also sprawled on various beds and chairs. At the back of the room was wooden dancefloor. Lying on the dance floor was a near naked body of a young girl, covered in knife slashes, blood was pooling around her. Huddled in the corner was another half-naked girl, She too was covered in cuts and blood, and her head was dropped as she wept heavily. A small paring knife lay on the floor beside her. One of the Officers was lazily counting out a stack of coins which he dropped into a leather purse and threw to one of his colleagues. The recipient caught the purse, smiled at his companion and muttered “Well, you lost so it’s your turn to clean up”. The loser dragged himself out of his chair, sighing like a reprimanded teenager, and stepped drunkenly across to a velvet bell pull. He tugged it, a distant bell rang. Without breaking step he walked onto the dancefloor, picked up the paring knife, dragged the girls head back by her hair and slit her throat. He dropped the knife to the floor, reached into his pocket removed a cigar case and then proceeded to light up, before stomping back to his chair. Moments later a side door opened and 4 servants walked silently in, picked up the bodies and carried them out. A fifth servant followed them in and started mopping the blood up.
Agnosta realised that she was stood in the centre of the room, frozen, jaw open.
“Girl! Girl!” Von Brauner was shouting at her. “Pour out the wine”
Shakily, she tried to pour from one of the pitchers into his glass. As she poured, the knife she had concealed in the pitcher slid out and smashed through the crystal. Von Brauner leapt up but Agnosta reached into the broken glass and grabbed the knife. Von Brauner was quick and already on her and he barrelled her to the floor. She tightened her grip on the knife handle, feeling the glass shards cut into her palm.
He was raining punches down onto her face and upper body as he sprawled on top of her. She brought her knee up sharply and he rolled off her clutching his groin. Agnosta clambered to her feet and ran at him, at the last moment she slashed round with the knife, he put his hand up to stop the blow but the momentum forced the knife through his hand before slicing open his neck. He gurgled as he fell backwards onto the dancefloor.
His drunken colleagues realising that this wasn’t just some rough foreplay, had got up but Agnosta was already running for the side door and down the back steps.
Looking for an escape route she stumbled blindly in the dark of the yard and into a stable where she fell into a pile of bodies. When she looked up she saw the face of Mother Superior staring back at her from amongst the mass of cadavers.
Out in the yard, the shouting and footsteps had intensified as guards had been summoned to catch her. Slowly she dragged herself over the heap of bodies into the shadows and lay still.
Guards searched the stable but one beaten and bloody body in a pile looks the same as all the others. Besides the stables were filled with a putrid stench and a buzzing of flies which meant that the guards didn’t want to spend a lot of time in there. Lying still, the adrenalin crash came and Agnosta passed out from the heavy blows she had sustained from Von Brauner.
Delirious, she had fitful dreams. This time she saw Gideon standing looking at the pile of corpses. He was murmuring and fading. Out of the shadows a Dwarf in Black, with a golden skull emblem on his shield strode forward. “Oathbreaker!” he roared at the fading deity. He drew his axe and swung it at Gideon. As it passed him he faded completely and disappeared.
Agnosta awoke with a start. Her holy symbol of Gideon was in her hand, sliced into 2 pieces across its middle. It was still dark outside but morning was looming fast. She crept to the stable door and looked out. The gates to the yard were open slightly and several guards lay dead, bleeding from stab wounds. Agnosta ran from the yard and carried on running across the city back towards the safehouse. She only stopped once when she almost ran into a gang of halflings, climbing into a sewer cover in an alleyway. They were drunk and soaked in blood. She hid in the shadows and watched them, but as the last Halfling was about to climb down into the manhole, he turned and gave her a wave.
Agnosta didn’t know what to do or where to go so she climbed the wall of a park and slept in a childrens playhouse. The next morning, she was awoken by a kick to her broken ribs. She jumped up to be confronted by a 6 year old boy, staring grumpily at her. He was brandishing a wooden axe in one hand and a large red and white swirled lollypop in the other. She leaned forward to speak to the child but as she emerged from the shadows the child caught sight of her bruised face, still caked with dried blood. The boy started screaming at an ear shattering pitch and ran off in the direction of a well to do woman pushing a pram. Agnosta squeezed herself out of the playhouse and took off across the park. The gates were open so she sprinted through the crowds enjoying the morning sun and out into the street. Guards were already moving down the street towards the park. She ran back to the alley where she saw the halflings disappear last night and climbed into the same sewer opening. She ran through the tunnels for seemed like hours, trying to find an exit, before emerging near the ruins of a mansion house. The mansion looked like it must have only burned down in the last day or so, especially as there were some urchins picking through the smouldering debris with sticks. It didn’t take long to find a familiar street and soon Agnosta was back at Erics safehouse.
Eric was surprised to see her. The previous evening had been a busy one. There had been an attack on an encampment on of the islands, and shortly after the bordello where she had been headed had been raided and every Theocratin in there had been massacred. Rumours are that all of the maids had been butchered and piled in the stables as well.
Agnosta recounted the story from her side while Eric tended to her wounds. She laid low and stayed in the safehouse until her injuries healed. When she was ready, she borrowed a pony and went for a ride out of the city. She rode back to the site of the convent. The ruins looked bleak and as though they had been there for hundreds of years, not mere weeks. As she picked her way over the broken stones of the chapel, her eyes caught on the fallen statue of Gideon that had once stood proud overlooking the congregation. It had been toppled during the fire. It was broken in 2 pieces but the split was smooth. Agnosta took the remains of her symbol out of her pocket and saw that the cut across it was at the same angle as the slice through the statue.
She tucked it back into her pocket and rode away from the ruins without saying a prayer.
The next few months she stayed with Eric and he taught her how to be a freedom fighter. Together they gathered information for the resistance during the days and then led guerrilla raids on the theocrats during the night. In all this time, Agnosta never once thought of Gideon and every time she was about to make a promise, she would stop herself before uttering the words.
Eric started teaching Agnosta to fight. He began by finding a weapon that she was comfortable wielding. Surprisingly it was with a halberd that Agnosta excelled and alongside some hand to hand training was quickly becoming a dangerous opponent.
Agnosta and Eric became vital agents for the resistance, posing as well to do socialites. It was in this role that they were called on by Dirk Condor to attend the opening ceremony of an exhibition of Von Shtupp artworks at the museum. They were assigned the task of observing who was in attendance and to reconnoitre the daytime security arrangements.
They were there fashionably early and entered the museum for the grand opening. Shortly after the public were allowed in. There was a bit of a commotion at the doorway as a lady was trying to bring a dwarf in without his restraining leash. Later on Agnosta caught another glimpse of the lady and her dwarf and was struck by how much he resembled the dwarf from her dreams that had cut Gideon down. She tried to chase but the thronging crowds made it difficult to pursue them and as she reached the doors they were nowhere to be seen.
That night Agnosta was awoken by another dream featuring the Dwarf. In the dream she saw the dwarf rising out of a pool of magma, followed by legions of dwarves dressed identically.
The morning brought news that the museum had been raided by Dirk Condor in the night. Von Shtupp was dead and the museum was gutted by fire.
Agnosta had dreams featuring the dwarf for a few more nights then they once again subsided.
Eric and Agnosta carried on helping the fight in Greyhawk as much as they could but then soon, the tide started to turn and more and more resistance safehouses were discovered and raided. The resistance fighters were always executed in public and their bodies put on display near the safehouses so that the people could see the face of the traitors.
It was a winter midnight when they came for Eric and Agnosta. Guards stormed the house and headed straight for the master bedroom where they found Eric. Agnosta was in another room for although they portrayed a husband and wife around the city, Agnosta had still held onto some of her vows and insisted on sleeping apart. As the guards subdued Eric, Agnosta slipped out of the windows, down into the gardens where she hid. She watched as the guard captain marched Eric into the street. He was stripped, executed and his body was strung up across the garden gates. Agnosta slipped away into the night and headed to the nearest safehouse. The safehouse had been raided, some days ago it seemed. This was repeated at each subsequent safehouse Agnosta found. She went underground and found one of the main sewer lairs of the resistance. This too seemed to have been raided and searched. Papers littered the floor and Agnosta looked through for any coded messages or instructions. As she searched she found a letter, from Scalpel in Ybent. It was a recent war report which included details of the Black Legion of Therin, now aligned with the city. A wax seal on the page showed the sign of the golden skull of Therin and Agnosta knew then that she must go to Ybent and offer her services to the Legion.
She gathered up what supplies she could into a bundle and left Greyhawk, as she did she made her first promise in over a year. She promised that she would devote her life to the war effort. Her dying breaths would be used to curse the Theocracy.
Agnosta found herself being forced to take country roads to avoid the military traffic, but this made the going hard. The roads were thick with snow and ice, and whiteout blizzards would spring up in an instant. Agnosta’s supplies soon ran out and she started to wander delirious with cold and hunger. Lying in a snow drift waiting for death to take her, she saw a figure shamble out of the storm. It was the dwarf from her dreams.
“I am Therin, God of Vows. Swear your oath and faith to Therin and I will give you my vow that I will lead you along your chosen path”.
“I…I have no faith now” murmured Agnosta.
“You held faith in a false god. A god invented to keep my values alive when I was doubted. The time of Gideon is over and I have returned”.
“I…I…I… Swear my allegiance, and my life to you Therin”.
With that Agnosta felt a warmth spread around her body and she was able to drag herself up to her feet. She started trudging through the snow again, following the dwarf as he turned and started back the way he had come.
Agnosta came round to find herself in a stone room, Lying in a giant wooden bed covered in thick furs. A log fire burned in the grate. A young elven priestess was sitting by her bed.
“Where am I” Agnosta asked groggily
“You’re in Commander Dakkens’ chamber, in the Black Legion barracks” came the reply from the priestess.
“Where is the dwarf that led me here, I have to thank him”
“No dwarf brought you here. Some of the hunters found you wandering across the flint hills. They were stalking a Black Coated deer, They lost sight of it in the snow, and then you appeared. They brought you to the barracks, where Commander Dakken said to bring you straight here and to sit by until you wake. That was 6 days ago. “
Agnosta remembered her promise to Therin, sworn in the blizzard. Once she was able to get up she went to the temple and met with Felicity and Mathilda. They told her of Therin, and the work the legion was doing, and she told them of her dreams and visions.
She was inducted into the priesthood, but found herself drawn to the combat training with the soldiers. She would often spend all day studying and working in the temple and then the evenings with some of the troops on the training grounds honing her skills with weapons.
Other priests started to join her and soon she was leading them in coordinated drills, Felicity too, would often don her armour and train with them.
These priests that trained in both martial and mental arts, were decreed by Felicity to be the first paladins of Therin since the fall of Selidor. They had armour crafted for them and when ready were distributed amongst the ranks of the legion.
After the murder of Felicity, The Maidens of Remembrance were founded and Agnosta was chosen to lead them as Revered Mother.

Agnosta Pureheart

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