Agent Jonas Tillworthy

Elite GP intelligence field agent.


Jones is Aeron Darksail’s top field agent. Jones was born to a wealthy merchant family in Yben’t, and spent much of his youth travelling to many cities with the trade seasons. Being a member of a known trading company, and young and susceptible, jones was contacted to become spy for Y’bent. He jumped at that opportunity, as it seemed like a much more exciting prospect than simply trading.

Jones practiced his trade and engaged in information gathering and broking in most of the major cities, including iuz, cllewellaf, the iron city, the sea princes, and even the shield lands. He is fluent in multiple languages (including iuzzian). Though capable of more than holding his own in a fight, jones prefers to use his social skills (and magic gadgets) to solve problems. He is tenacious, and has unwavering loyalty to Y’bent.

After the war, his family business (luxury goods) went under, and Jones decided to put his skills to use in service of his city. He received proper training and began his work.

Some of his most remarkable accomplishments was his infiltration and uncovering of a major iuzzian spy ring in Y’bent, responsible for the the capture of a few FĂ©lix rex ships, and the foiling of an assassination attempt of the Cllewellaf ambassador to the city.

He was eventually transferred to Griffin peak and put under the command of aeron darksail. Though he noted the man’s youth, he quickly found respect for his superior’s diligence and ability.


Agent Jonas Tillworthy

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