Aeron Darksail

A battle-hardened half-elf with a large distinctive scar on his forehead. He is clad in blackened leather armor and armed with a longbow and longsword.


Aeron is the Adventurers’ Guild guildmaster on Gryffinpeak. However, Unknown to all but the highest of rank within the city, he is also head of the intelligence service, directing the city’s efforts to rooting out enemy spies and establishing an intelligence network that connects it with its allies, and forewarns it of enemy attacks.

Aeron is a grim and calculating half-elf. He is always serious and focused on the job at hand, and would even be called humorless if not for his fondness for puns, which he uses sparingly and effectively.

He was born close to the elven kingdoms borders near the Nyr Dyv. When he came of age, Aeron departed his homeland to become an adventurer, or rather an opportunist, who does not hesitate to cheat and lie to get ahead. He eventually came to Y’Bent and was employed by the Cutter Family and Scalpel. With them, he found people who treated him with mutual respect, who truly understood, and even embraced, his way of living. At the request of Griffinpeak, Scalpel sent Aeron to the fledgling city to establish a counter-intelligence network there.

Aeron Darksail

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