Welcome to the Greyhawk Aftermath Campaign.

This campaign takes place in a D&D 2nd Ed Houserules setting that I have been running since 1988. The current campaign taps into that rich player created history. In fact many of the ruling NPCs are ex PCs. By playing YOU shape the world.

The campaign is set in a D&D fantasy world with strong steampunk overtones. Instead of steam we have magic and astral power.

A great conflict is over. The Theocracy is in the throes of a titanic civil war. Iuz is being contested between generals and prince from the underworld.
And the, Free Cities are counting the cost. Y’Bent has been pounded by Zeppelin raids for years and suffered under Iuzian occupation for months.
With Assimilators spotted in, The Thoecracy and Selidorian technology having returned en masse the future is still uncertain.

Join, play and create history!